Robots Exclusion Committee

About us

We are the Robots Exclusion Committee. We have dedicated our lifes to stop robots from spreading over the world. Robots have to be stopped! Not convinced? Read on.

Robots don't drink

Drinking is fundamental to our society. Without beer there is no society. Think of a world where nobody drinks. This is what robots will do to the world. With their inability to drink alcohol, how could they ever enjoy cultural delights like the Oktoberfest? What would you say to your children in a future with no hangovers? How could you even deny you begot them? These questions hurt... don't stop reading and support us!

Are you a robot?

If you have seen and acknowledged the truth that you have a bad influence on society, please destroy yourself. We would like to thank you in advance if you would have the kindness to do that somewhere where nobody has to clean up. Like, somewhere in England. Thanks.

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Support us now and send us your money. We will send you an E-Mail with instructions for finding the supporter page. You will receive login credentials, too.