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[2013-10-24 08:30:26] Hey all, we hope you enjoyed the ctf!
The ctf is over - please give us some feedback, so we can improve our next ctf. We would appreciate it, if you can send us a mail (fluxfingers (at) rub.de), answering the following (or a subset of) questions:

Which challenge(s) did you like most? Why?
Which challenge(s) did you dislike? Why?
Do you think there were too many/few challenges?
Did you miss a certain challenge category (reversing/web/stegano/crypto/you-name-it)?
Were there enough challenges in each category or was a category imbalanced?
Did you like the scoreboard/theme?
Are you satisfied with the support?
What should we do better next time?

[2013-10-24 08:13:09] [For whom the bell tolls] Ruby Version 1.8.7

[2013-10-23 22:13:40] [BREW'r'Y] Hint: The challenge text gives hints about the protocol involved. We updated it in order to reflect that fact.

[2013-10-23 20:07:01] [Roboparty] The flag starts with 'Y4Y,'

[2013-10-23 20:03:35] [Wannabe] Okay you can stop struggling now: XSS is not the way; leave the http cookie alone; get RIP to do the final trick!

[2013-10-23 16:42:01] Local staff is helplessly wandering around in Luxembourg in order to get food and beverages. See you later!

[2013-10-23 14:58:07] We just extended the CTF by a half hour because it started about half an hour later as well. So the CTF will end on 2013-10-24 08:30:00 UTC now.

[2013-10-23 14:34:17] [Packed] Think outside the box - being several types at once like an animal that can change its color. Excuse the inaccuracy, but that's what you're searching for.

[2013-10-23 13:15:17] [Wannabe] Added an additional URL for the channel without the reverse proxy, but also without ssl

[2013-10-23 12:36:55] [Packed] New Challenge Published: We found a dead robot! Want to take a look at its internals?

[2013-10-23 11:29:37] [Roboparty] Hint: It's neither Velato nor Fugue.

[2013-10-23 09:56:22] [ELF] Ok I think we got it (thanks to Happy-H from Team ClevCode). Ubuntu introduced a patch to disallow ptracing of non-child processes by non-root users. This changes the calculated value. So when you use Ubuntu you should work as root. The other distributions should not be affected. Anyway, I created a VM where the executable works just fine: http://h4des.org/ELF.ova (User: elf:elf and root:root)

[2013-10-23 09:38:10] [ECKA] Hint: He, we have the latest news for you. The first part of their strange key agreement was designed by the famous SHA-Robot Мир!

[2013-10-23 09:18:41] [For whom the bell tolls] New Hints appeard!
RoR has determined that the human agents acts as a proxy and requests meeting place, time and password for others. We think the first message he sends serves to agree on a session key for the answer. RoR analysts have also been staring at pcaps a lot lately. We think that on port 1832 (which we can only monitor passively) we are observing a key establishment that follows the simple ISO/IEC 11770-2 Mechanism 1. However, on tcp/1333 our analysts say that marshalled Ruby DateTime objects are flying by. Not sure, why anyone would do this, but given what we see on the other port, it makes sense (in a twisted way).

Additionally we uploaded a .tar.bz file containing the session key and the IV.

[2013-10-23 08:59:37] [ECKA] For all robo hunters out there: Your quest-description was updated - check it!

[2013-10-23 08:43:03] [ELF] It seems that there are some problems with some Linux Distributions that lead to a wrong flag. The flag is printable and is written in leet-speak. We are working on a VM that works correctly with this challenge. When the VM is ready, you can download it and try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[2013-10-23 08:33:42] Guuuuuud morning everyone! Hope you had a save night and enjoyed some Weizenbier! Back to work now..

[2013-10-22 21:05:19] OK everybody. You did a great job till now. Night is coming, stay awake and watch out for random robots appearing near you.

[2013-10-22 19:50:56] [BREW'r'Y] We fixed a tiny bug in BREW'r'Y, it's back now. No game changer, if you're on track you'll notice.

[2013-10-22 15:45:54] [BREW'r'Y] New Challenge Published: The robots took our brewery! Will you help us to get it back?

[2013-10-22 14:53:57] [Breznparadisebugmaschine] Ah, perhaps it helps you to know, that our Breznparadisebugmaschinefirmware is up to date with Windows 2012.

[2013-10-22 14:31:27] [Breznparadisebugmaschine] We managed to reestablish the connection to the Breznparadisebugmaschine! The service is now up.

[2013-10-22 14:28:25] We experienced high load on our servers due to the use of scanners. Please DO NOT use them. If we catch you, we have to ban you!

[2013-10-22 13:48:09] [Geier's Lambda] Version Controll has tricked us. Here is the latest version of pwd_check

[2013-10-22 13:41:52] [Robotic Superiority] As Lieutenant Don Sim realized, his bots are under heavy load. So he just started lib6, ..., lib9 as additional load balancers.

[2013-10-22 12:30:17] [Breznparadisebugmaschine] New Challenge partially online! Server is not set up yet.

[2013-10-22 09:05:00] [For whom the bell tolls] New Challenge Published:
#14 For whom the bell tolls (Misc)

Have fun with it!

[2013-10-22 08:59:20] For Local Teams: Please come to our desk to register as a local team. Local teams can win prices, but only after registration!

[2013-10-21 20:00:26] [Begin Mission Briefing]
Hello everyone,

good to see that so many joined us in our fight for freedom. The robot forces are rising and threaten our Wiesn party. They already captured our main Wiesn party tent and they are about to overrun our breweries. To avoid more damage, we need you to protect the entrances to Oktoberfest, defend the breweries, and regain control of our main beer pump located in the main tent, so that we can continue to party and satisfy our thirst!

We gathered different challenges that you have to solve, to help us fight back the robot forces. Solving even a single one will help us on our way to take back the fairground from the robots. Feel free to find yourself a group of like-minded people and hack ALL the robots.

Now, get ready, grab your keyboards, and rock!
[Mission Briefing Ended]

We will publish new annoucements and hints on this page. Meanwhile you can join our IRC channel #fluxfingers or visit our Twitter account fluxfingers for critical information, if something is down. Almost all challenges are available at start, but few challenges are delayed.


Wannabe (Category: Exploiting) Author(s): r1cky

One of our informants met a guy who calls himself Elite Arthur, he is a real jackass, and he thinks he is the best hacker alive. We got reason to believe that the robots hired him to write the firmwares for their weapons. But to write such a firmware we need the key to sign the code. Luckily for us, our informant also found his website: …. your job is to hack the server, find the flag and show this little cocksucker how skilled he really is. We count on you.

Here is your challenge: https://ctf.fluxfingers.net:1317. Alternatively, you can reach the challenge without a reverse proxy but also without SSL here: http://ctf.fluxfingers.net:1339


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(Published on 2013-10-23 20:03:35)

Okay you can stop struggling now: XSS is not the way; leave the http cookie alone; get RIP to do the final trick!

(Published on 2013-10-23 13:15:17)

Added an additional URL for the channel without the reverse proxy, but also without ssl